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Club By-Laws

Under Rule 5.1(i) the committee may make By-Laws (not inconsistent with the Incorporated Societies Act 1908 and not inconsistent with the Sale of Liquor Act 1989) for the regulation and management of the Club or any part of its business.

The following By-Laws have been adopted but not form part of the Rules and may be added to, changed or deleted by the members of the Club without reference to the Registrar of Incorporated Societies.

Membership is restricted to members with a Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate or government-issued exemption Certificate. This Certificate must be presented by any persons entering the Club upon request and be on person during periods where government restrictions are in place.

Any Member removing any article or articles from the Club’s premises without authority, or wilfully damaging any of the Clubs property, shall render himself liable to expulsion or suspension of any length imposed by the Executive Committee, plus restitution for damage or theft.

Any member convicted of bookmaking or an indictable offence or committed an offence within or without the Club likely to prejudice the Clubs license shall automatically cease to be a member of the Club.

Drunkenness, swearing, obscene language and other disorderly conduct shall not be permitted in the Clubs premises and members persisting in offending may, after being cautioned by an officer of the Club or an Executive member, renders himself or herself liable for suspension or expulsion.

Suspension by an Executive Committee member or an officer of the Club shall mean total exclusion from the Clubs premises from the time of committal of the offence, until such time as the matter had been dealt with by the Executive Committee, which may either cancel the suspension or confirm it for a determined period. Of time. The member shall in all cases be given the right to appear before the Executive Committee.

If in the opinion of the Executive Committee a fine would be a more appropriate measure of discipline the Executive committee may levy such as an alternative. In all cases, however, the Executive Committee have the authority to levy a fine not in excess of twenty five (25) dollars for each offence. The payment of such fines does not automatically disqualify the member from any office held within the club.

Any disciplinary action taken will be entered into the minutes of the Executive Committee meeting together with the name of the member complained of.

Any member convicted of any criminal offence may become liable for suspension or expulsion as decided by the Executive Committee of the day.

No raffle shall be allowed on the Clubs premises or goods exhibited for the purposes except within the authority of the Executive committee.

No unlicensed or unlawful gambling or gaming shall be permitted in the Club.

No petition, except for the purpose of convening an Extraordinary General Meeting as provided for in Rule 19 shall be allowed to circulate or signatures sought on the premises of the Club other than for the benefit of the club.

No business cards or notices shall be posted or hung on the premises without the sanction of the Executive Committee, nor shall any member give the address of the Club in an advertisement or conduct any business in the Club or use the Club address for business purposes.

Members of the Executive Committee shall at all times render every assistance to the officer and staff of the Club to maintain order and to prevent infringement of the Rules, Regulations or By-Laws or the terms of any charter that may from time to time be granted.

No dogs are allowed on Club premises except under exceptional circumstance as approved by the Executive Committee (i.e. Guide Dogs)

The Rules, Regulations and By-Laws shall apply equally to each and every member of the Club.


Unacceptable at all times:

Footwear: Gumboots, Heavy Hobnailed or working boots, bare feet

Clothing: Swim shorts, vest bare top, overalls, hats (concerning hats see below)

During the period of Daylight savings jandals, sandals etc, may be worn

NOTE: That headwear may be allowed in Club premises on Religious and cultural grounds. Injury or for sporting events where the Committee has approved it as part of their dress attire.


All subscriptions shall be paid yearly in advance. The subscription year of the club shall commence on the 1st April in each year and subscriptions shall be payable within one calendar month of that date. Membership cards will normally be available within 10 days of acceptance of new membership upon the receipt of subscription. Pursuant to the Provisions of the Privacy Act the information given on
our application forms is for the sole purpose of maintaining the Matamata Club Inc. and Clubs New Zealand membership list and will not be divulged to any other person without permission in writing by the applicant. Any information given as false on the application forms will
automatically deem cancellation of membership of this club.


All members are allowed up to 3 guests at any one time and must also accompany their guests at all times. Larger groups will require approval from management if they wish to use the Club facilities. The member accompanying a guest shall sign the Visitors book and will at all times be responsible for the conduct of the guest / group. Guests may visit the club 3 times, then must become a member to continue using the facilities. The Matamata Club Inc. has reciprocal visiting rights within other New Zealand Chartered Clubs and details are available from the Clubs New Zealand phone app.

All guests to the Matamata Club INC must sign the Visitors book.

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